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Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Money???

More and more money?

As has been the case with this nasty thing we call "our" government and the nasty stupid people we choose to call our leaders with all their wisdom, they have decided to support the $215 billion dollar bailout for the big three auto makers.

I for one am appauled at the mere thought of another "bailout" It makes me sick to think that our "government" is allowing or even trying to push this bailout through. For you common people like me, remember that we just basically shelled out $700 billion to bail out a few lenders and their bad habits, ballon payments and all that crap. One question for you......... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $700BILLION? It did not help the economy like they thought it would and some of those same lenders who were begging to be saved are now in worse shape than they were before the big bailout. There was no real control over that money to start with, no one keeping an eye on where it was spent or going to excluding some half ass educated people on the oversight commitee who are due to release an update and info on where the money is actually going. Click on the link to read the report:
And now the 3 big auto makers have got their hands out much like the homeless guy standing on the corner this morning on my way to work begging for money, he held a sign saying, "why lie, I really want a beer" I gave him a few bucks. I mean at least the poor bastard was honest enough to tell the truth which is more than I can say for anyone of the big shots of the auto world, not to mention our own government and addminastration.
Speaking of elected and appointed officials, this pic tells it all.......
I am almost ashamed of any party affiliation right now, as most of you know I am a democrate but at this point even the Dem's are screwing up. The House Of Rep. voted in favor of the bailout.
I believe the bill is to be put to the Senate later today or tomorrow and we can only hope that this will not pass. And don't bitch that this is the fault of the Dems. or the Rep. The fault should be passed on to those greedy little bastards who received big balloon payments, all the while ripping off their own workers by paying them shit wages and stealing their hard invested money, the people who got rich off of $4.00 per gallon gas, the people who were and are in bed with the oil industry (Bush included) Not to mention all the stupid people in congress taking mega vacations and paying $700.00 for a toilet seat.
WTF is this world coming to?
Unemployment is at an all time high.....the old saying "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" has never been more true than it is today, and people wonder why things are they way they are.
Just like the first bailout did not work, this proposed bailout is not going to work either.
The big lenders and auto makers as well as our own government are going to keep asking for more and more money until the value of our dollar is nill. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not the solution.
We need something much like "The New Deal" to help out our economy and we need it now not tomorrow because it appears that even Obama is not going to help with this situation!

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