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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Storm Chaser get together!!!!!

Got a chance to speak with Jeff Smith, for those of you who do not know Jeff, he is a chaser/spotter for KJRH channel 2 here in Tulsa. Jeff has been chasing for KJRH for many years and is one heck of a chaser/spotter. Jeff has been a friend of mine for some time now and I respect him not only for the person he is but the convictions and great testimony he has for God. Now don't worry I am not going to preach but a guy like him you just have to respect.
Anyways, he suggested a possible Chaser get together and with all this SDS going around it looks like it might be a good time for one. We have not set a date or time yet, but I will post more as soon as I know more details. One other note regarding Jeff.....he has a good friend that has got cancer and is going through a pretty tough time right now. Of course with all the doctors and appointments it all adds up so they have scheduled a fundraiser for Mike on October 17-18. It will be a huge garage sale help at the Verdigris car wash at Hwy 66 & Gordon Rd.
For all you local guys and gals, this would be a great time to get out and meet Jeff and buy something for a good cause.

Written poorly by me

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