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Friday, October 3, 2008

700 BILLION BAIL OUT????????

I hope all of you who read my blog have called your congressmen to let them know that you will not tolorate elected officials stealing from you, because with this bail out program, that is exactly what is going on! Steve Miller (OK) has wonderful thoughts regarding this situation that can be read here:

Although Steve and I are not in the same party (Democrate/Republican...He is Republican)
we share the same thoughts and ideas about the government basically stealing 700 billion plus
from us. And with all the pork belly crap that is taking place with this bill our total coast right now would be over a trillion dollars.....a trillion taxpayers dollars!!!!
This whole thing just does not make sense to me at all.

Lets recap: We have lenders who made some very poor and bad chioces and now the government wants/expects us to pay for those bad choices by bailing out these lenders with money straight out of our pockets, and whats worse is they basically are not going to have any real oversight keeping an eye on what they are doing with said 700 billion or exactly just where the money is going. Of course one has to mention that these lenders were lining the pockets of our very own elected officials as well as both president nominees as late as a month ago!

Nobody helped me out with my credit card debt, I did not receive a bail out from the government, neither should these lenders! This is not the way the process is supposed to work.
You make a bad choice, you live with the consequence....its the way the world has worked for years. At this point we can only hope that House Of Rep. will not bite into the whole pork frenzy that is going on and stand up and say no. This is not an issue of Dem. vs Rep. this is an issue of theft in its highest form and they are not even nice enough to give us a reach around while they are screwing us! Please, I urge you to contact you local elected officials and tell them you will not stand this....for Gods sake people, stand up for once!

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Bryant Arms said...

The financiers are desperately trying to snooker us again. We, the taxpayers, will never see that money once Congress caves in to special interests, (as usual). If we try to get it back by taxing these businesses, then they will take the good parts of their portfolios and flee to other countries. Suckers!

If we use that money to enhance social security, then all of the retirees that lost their retirement funds in the stock market will at least be guaranteed a reasonably comfortable retirement. (The only ones who will still be unhappy are the ones trying to retire to their mansions.)

Finally! Congress has found the money to make social security work.

Let Congress know that if they get fooled by this bailout, then the only thing for voters to do is punish congress the way it was punished for the gulf war.

Bryant Arms