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Monday, October 6, 2008

After checking the dow this morning and looking at our economy as it stand after the 700 billion bail out, it would appear that our Presidents plan is failing.
The markets have come to the sobering realization that the Bush administration's $700 billion rescue plan won't work quickly to unfreeze the credit markets, and that many banks are still having difficulty gaining access to cash. That's caused investors to exit stocks and move money into the relative safety of government debt.
Really? Right about now is a good time for those of us that saw this coming to say no SH-T!!
There was never any real qaurentee that this bail out would work, and to make matters worse, we are no better off today than we were a month ago!
Makes a guy wonder if Bush is not the antichrist. I say that, and some of you are laughing right now, thinking no way but.....
Now is probably a good time to start planning on stocking up on food supplies, water, gas and the things it would take to live on should things go down hill.
I seem to remember learning in college of a country that went down hill very fast just after World War 1, they basically lost the value of their money/dollar and in turn, trying to salvage the busted economy they printed a but load of money. This of course, was no help and only caused the value to fall faster and ultimatly they went belly up.....We could be heading in that direction if our elected officials and the entire Bush administration don't pull the head out of the ass really soon.
On to other things,
I plan on posting some more pics on here and on the flicker account as soon as I get a bit of time, that is if we don't go belly up first though.
I will try to post more later


Jeff Smith Photography said...

Can you post a link to your Flickr account?

Steve Miller said...

This mess is thanks to Alan Greenspan. Bush was just there to try to pick up the pieces.
I'm not saying Bush is anything special (this coming from a strong Republican) but I really think the finger should be pointed to Greenspan and we should also begin looking at legal action against CEO's and the like who benefited from this.
Look at Enron - not such a big deal now in comparison to our current situation...

DM said...

Fuck bailing these low-life fuckers out of anything....let's bail ME out...YOU out....

Let's start handing out indictments to them and their entire families.....and let's put that 700 billion to getting gas back down to a buck. Imagine how much disposable income everyone would have if we knocked out 2 bucks or more a gallon.

Lanny said...

Jeff, my Flickr account is: