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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drama, Drama and more Drama

What a nasty mess of drama with fellow storm chaser Andy Fabel and the entire chase community. Seems that Andy said he shot some video of a tornado in Nebraska a few days ago and looks like the video was faked. I have seen the video clip and it does look very suspicious and very much like that of the Rock KS tornado June 12, 2004 AKA the Mulvane supercell. I was also there and filmed the the Mulvane tornado as well as the Rock video looks much the same as Mr. Fabels. However, I am not going to degrade him as some others are doing.... it seems pointless to me to do that. I never really understood why they let some of that stuff happen on ST, I have been on the recieving end of some of that hate from people posting on that site some of which are so called veteran chasers who are highly looked up to and it just makes you wonder what kind of a message thats going to send to other people. As far as Mr. Fabels video, it does look to be fake. There is almost no getting around it but...maybe instead of basically hanging this guy or "spanking" him we should give him the benefit of the doubt, could be that he FTP the wrong video clip to them or maybe he sold them the Mulvane stuff 4 years ago and they just got the video mixed up. Yes it is very unlikley and it is probably true that he "fixed" the video but then the real question becomes: was all this really worth $295 bucks??????
Andy has no doubt lost all respect from most all chasers but the bigest problem here is what does this look like and how is this going to impact the rest of us who do make somewhat of a living selling video or the like?
I thought I would never say those kinds of words, for those that know me know that I will basically give a collective F..K OFF to the rest of the community if I think that what is going on is a line of crap, but this deal is very different than Doswell running his mouth. This could/would possibly affect ALL chasers who try to sell anything to any media outlets most particulaly the big names....which by chance are the ones who pay pretty good. This does affect us all.
I had the opportunity to meet Andy and actually met him the day of the Rock tornado...seemed like a really nice guy who had a great head on his sholders. It is a shame that this had to happen.
Let the chips fall where they may.
Please forgive my spelling, its late and Im in a hurry to go back to bed!

2 comments: said...

Lanny I agree with you on this post, While people on ST are raking this guy on the coals, we should really think about how this could effect us.

$295 is nothing for video. Not worth the risk.

What I find interesting like you said about the Veteran chasers in ST. Is that these guys are looked apon as gods.. Yeah they may have done alot for storm chasing, but on a forum where people just go to talk there shouldn't be any non-sense like that, people can all learn from each other, making one person more superior then the other on a on-line forum is stupid nerdy crap.
Thats just my .02 cents

Steve Miller TX said...

As I also mentioned in my blog, I believe that the best way to hunt down Osama Bin Laden is to start a rumor that he is riding a camel with amber lights on it, running stop signs, purposefully riding into big dust devils then appearing on Al Jazeera to tell his story and sell the video, and selling faked video. I'd give the "stormchasing community" about a week or two to track him down for elimination.