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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tornadoes later this week?

Well, it looks as though this "death ridge" is finally going to try and break down. Models have been consistent with pushing it to the east and opening the gulf back up for us.....this may get interesting come the middle to later part of this week and even into the weekend. If the model runs verify we could see a tornado outbreak across the central plains. We would certainly have enough instability 4500j/kg plus and wind shear from GFSx looks 35-45kts.....the only question should be the moisture return and how shallow it may be.
I have put the film crew on standby for Wed. Hopefully we will get something.

Although I have not done so as of yet, I wanted to address the situation with Mr. Barnes and the West Texas deputy of Crane Co.
First of all there is no doubt a violation of constitutional rights for those of you who don't know or are just stupid, I am referring to our FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY not to mention in no way was Brian obstructing can clearly see this in the video.
I hope that Mr. Barnes and his legal team sucks the living daylights out of the that deputy, county, and any of its elected officials.
Enough said about that.

As Dick M would say, "written poorly by me"

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