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Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 10th Tornadoes

Tornado Outbreak: 20 people dead so far!
What a day, Ran my forecast and to make a long story short, ended up down in Arkansas about 70 miles from my original target area(second guessing myself all the way) and missed the major tornadoes of the day. Looks like Mike Scantlin had a front row seat and then went above and beyond and helped the people around Seneca Missouri right after the tornado went through...rushed a few of them to the hospital even!
And the media wonders why we do what we do and how we actually help? What a stupid question. Speaking of Mike Scantlin, I have heard some question his "ways" in the last few weeks regarding the tornadoes he filmed in Northern Oklahoma. Let me just ask any of you who has any issues with him....HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH A GALLON OF GAS COST THESE DAYS?
I know Mike personally and he is a good kid, I say Kid only because he is younger than I. But he is a good kid and is an up and coming chaser. I suspect that some of the "hate" are due to these reasons. I say congrats to him! If he can film something and make a few hundred bucks or even more, I say great job!!!!

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Jeff Smith Photography said...

Saturday was a bad day. I was not chasing but I watched it all unfold on radar. Great job, Lanny.