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Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 1st Tornadoes!

Nikon D80 1.3 sec. F22 Iso 100 Copyright Lanny Dean 2008, watermarked
What a day.... filmed 3 tornadoes south and north of Fredonia and then a night "nado" north of Altoona KS.

All in all not a bad day but the best tornado was down in Oklahoma near the town of Pawhuska.

I think Mike Scantlin did a great job of getting to the game and shot some great video!

I had planned on going into Arkansas the next day but after blowing all 4 tires on the tornado truck I decided to make my way back to T- town and lick my wounds. Many thanks to Eric and the "guru: for nowcasting after I lost data and many thanks to JD for helping me with my tire situation. Looks like I missed a major outbreak but I just could not chance it.
Looks like Reed and the TVN boys got some good stuff as well. By the way, thanks for passing me doing like about 100mph Reed! lol

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