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Monday, May 19, 2008


Since the first of May I have been asked from other chasers as well as quite a few production companies about my video and selling it again for the year anniversary. Until now I have not really responded to the request but after seeing more of Dick M video on his blog site I thought I might address the issue.
For those who want to see what it was really like in Grensburg, and I say "really like" because there have been many people that went into Greensburg the day after or a week later or longer and somehow they say "it was bad" There have even been a few chasers implying that they were in the city that night when they were up in Northern Kansas! I find myself sick when I think about all the ignorant people trying to capitalize off of someone else's tragedy.
For the ones who were really there...they know what it was like and certainly do not want to re-live any of it.
I have had many people ask me "what was it like?"......since I am no longer posting any of my video from Greensburg, I would encourage all interested people to go to Dick M site at:
Dick, Darrin and company were right there right after the tornado went through and were able to help out quite a few people. Eric Duncan was helping as well.
Although I hate to say it, I still deal with Greensburg day to day, it is still a struggle. For many of you who saw our show "Tornado Hunters" saw what I went through.
For those who want to see more, please check out Dicks site...he was right there just like me or anyone else.

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