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Friday, June 9, 2017

Storm Chasing Single Day Tours

What are they and how do they work?

Also known as "On Call" Storm Chasing Day Tours or Single Storm Chasing Day Tours.

If you do not have a full week to 8 days to spare to go on our regular tornado chasing tours, but still want all of the the excitement of a real personal Storm Chasing Tour, we have go you covered!  Extreme Chase Tours offers storm chasing single day tours also known as "On Call" storm tours any time conditions become favorable for severe weather and possible tornadoes. These one day tours are only available outside of our regular tour schedule - usually during the early March into April timeframe, and later in the year in August. Please visit our website for more information @

All Tours as well as Day tours work on a first come first served basis. We will collect your information on a sign up sheet/email on the website and then email/call all interested possible guests on the list until we are full. We will try to give up to 48 - 84 hour notice for when a chase day appears to have high-end severe and tornado threat. The meet and greet location will depend on the location of the possible severe weather and tornados. You will be are responsible for travel to the "meet and greet location. You will also be responsible for lodging, food and beverages and any incidentals that you may want to purchase before and after the severe weather event. Please do not be late to the meet and greet location, remember, other folks have paid and are waiting to go. Should you run late, WE WILL NOT WAIT ON ANYONE - this could jeopardize the whole day for everyone!  You can visit our website to find more out about all of our 2018 tour schedules @  

How to be placed on the waiting list/signup sheet? Just fill out the form on our website at:  at the bottom of the page or send us an email and request to be placed on the single chasing day tour list.  Please include your phone and all contact information number so that we can contact you directly if need be on short notice. You will then be placed on the on call list, and when conditions are right, we will call or email you directly. It's just that simple! We are always here for you either via email or directly by phone. Fill free to contact us directly if needed @ 918-859-0248  

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