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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Extreme Chase Tours 2015 Storm Chasing Tours Schedule

With many requests, I have gone ahead and posted the Extreme Chase Tours 2015 chase tours schedule on the website, you can find the link below:

We currently already have our first tour in May booked full!  Maymagic tour2 has 3 seats available, Maymagic tour3 has 3 seats available and Maymagic tour4 only has two seats available at this time. We have limited seating on many of our other tours as well so if you are interested in going on a the vacation of a lifetime, please take a look at the website and then reserve your seat today! Otherwise we may not have any seats left open.

While we are still on tour, this season has been exciting to say the least! We have had wonderful guests, made so many memories and made some wonderful lasting friendships. I am thankful that I have been able to teach & educate others about the in's and out's of severe weather and tornadoes. Teaching and educating others about tornadoes is a very strong passion of mine and I am honored that they chose us to go with us.

I want to personally thank all of my guests from this season - you all made my job so much easier - Thank you.       

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