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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Well after much media interviews from live reports with Fox Business to many, many print, neswpapers and radio interviews, we had a strong interest to get our 2013 storm chasing tour schedule up and on the website. So, as of last night, I have posted the schedule and we already have had many people booking their seats! You can fnd the schedule onling at the link below:
I also plan on posting some video from some of the tours as a promotional trailer before we really get into the production work......very exciting times for ECT!
All of us at ECT would like to thank all of our guests for a great 2012 season and thank all of those who will be returning for the 2013 season! Right now we have only a few more tours and it looks like we will be playing north to see any real action to due this death ridge we will be under.
By the way, if you have ever been interested in going on a real storm chasing tour that is the most personal tour period, now is the time to book before all seats are filled up.
You can find more out on our website at:

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