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Monday, May 28, 2012

La Crosse KS Tornado 5-25-12 Video

We have been so busy with the tours that I simply have not had time to update the blog with any news. From tornadoes in Kansas back on April 14, tornadoes in New Mexico to Tornadoes back in Kansas on 5-25-12.....we have been really busy!

Below is just a quick video of the tornado near La Crosse, KS from the 25Th that we intercepted and filmed. Eric did a wonderful job doing phoners with KAKE trying to help get the word out as I called DDC directly to let them know exactly what was going on. We were very worried that
La Crosse might take a direct hit...and they actually did from smaller EF-1 satellite tornado as can be seen in the graphic below:
When we first arrived on the south side of La Crosse, the police officer and county officials did not even know that there was indeed a tornado on the ground. They had heard about the tornado warning but "didn't really see any danger" we all know this can and does happen more than what the actual public knows. While I commend the local spotters for doing their job (after the fact) this video should be a clear testament to all local city and county officials as to what chasers can do in helping with the warning process.
I have taken much heat early this year from the situation that happened up in Dickinson County, I would encourage all those folks from Dickinson county and all the "media" that picked up the story to re-think the role that chasers can and do often play....even a those that run or own a storm chasing tour business. WE DO NOT MAKE A LIVING OFF OF THE DEMISE OF OTHERS....I certainly do not know one single chaser that makes an entire living off of weather as a whole to begin with. What we do is enjoy mother nature in all of her glory, good and bad. And when/if the time comes, we help where we can. Video below:

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Ian Williams said...

Great account, and very true too. I am a chaser from the UK and was on the same tornado, was by the railway line. We called in too to NWS.