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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Extreme Chase Tours 2012

There has been much talk about all the "new" storm chasing tour companies popping up this year so we wanted to blog about this subject with the hopes that we will be able to enlighten a few of our readers. With the 2012 storm chasing tours season just right around the corner, have you ever had a thought about going on a storm chasing vacation? This is the perfect time to pick your summer vacation....why not go on a storm chasing adventure tour? With the growing number of
"storm chasing tour companies" out there, I know it can seem very hard to decide which one's are real storm tour operators and which company is right for you. This can sometimes hamper your decision to go at all! No freat folks.....we are the real deal and provide 6, 10 and 15 day tours as well as custom type tours for those that are interested in going on the adventure of a lifetime!
We let our success rate record of over 400 REAL tornadoes speak for itself as well as our experience. Our staff has over 100 years total experience in severe weather and we have THE BEST SEVERE WEATHER EXPERTS, meteorologists and guides. You will not find photo shopped tornado pictures on our website, you will not find false claims by anyone with Extreme Chase Tours, you will not find a company that has just started, we will not allow you to become a number and not a name with us, you will not be thrown into a 15 seat passager van that is packed full and kept dehydrated!
What you will find with us is that we are the most personal tour company on the market. And no matter what other tour companies claim - WE (Extreme Chase Tours) have the highest success rate of ANY storm chasing tour company. You will get real one on one interaction with our guides, drivers and owners as well as an opportunity to truly learn about the weather. We we the first tour company to offer Severe Weather Photography Tours, which are ideal if you are needing or wanting to add to you portfolio! Our lead guide, Chad Berryhill is a professional photographer himself and has seen over 25 tornadoes! Owner, Lanny Dean, is an award winning photographer who has also been nominated for an Emmy for his weather reporting and photography. Lanny has been offering tours part time since 1999 and finally went full time in 2008, taking thousands of people from across the world to see severe weather and tornadoes. He has personally seen/filmed 297 tornadoes and 11 major hurricanes to date. Jeff Smith has seen/filmed 38 tornadoes and Eric Duncan has seen/filmed over 70 tornadoes to date.
Watch the story that KAKE TV in Wichita, KS did on us in in 2010 below:
We are real, we have the experience,we have the knowledge and you simply not find another tour company that will spend more one on one quality time with you than we do!
Come see why we were voted Storm Chasers Of The Year in 2005 and 2007 and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! To find out more or to book your tour please follow the link below or you can call us directly. All contact information is listed on our website:
We look forward to helping you to live your dream!

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