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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As can be seen in the graphics below, a powerful storm system is taking aim on the upper West coast at this time bringing with it very strong winds and major snow.

Current RUC sounding was so enlarged that the Hodo was off the chart! But as we can see below, winds from the basement (ground level) through 200mb) are very very strong with gusts over 80kts!

I looking at the at the surface winds via the RUC for the same time frame (real time) 12z we can see that the winds at the surface could be gusting well over-60-65kts! which is almost Hurricane force winds@ 74MPH at the surface!!! This is going to create a very dangerous situation for the folks in the upper northwest coast, especially people who live right along the coast!

Of course the snow depth looks to be in the 10-20inch range, depending on where you are located so blizzard like conditions will no doubt be a possibility as can be seen in the graphic below.

All in all, this storm system certainly could be deadly if people do not pay attention to the weather. I would encourage the folks living in this area to monitor the weather very close today!

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