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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been A While....

Looks like it has been a bit since my last blog and with much happening I figured what the heck....I can't sleep so I might as well post on the blog. So currently the reason I cannot sleep is because I broke my leg in 3 places and chipped it as well. This accident happened about almost a week and a half ago, and was caused by nothing more than a trip on some cables but it has certainly caused some major pain! You can see exactly where all three breaks are at in the X-Ray below, and of course, the resulting full cast. Not Fun times at all.

I am just thankful that it did not happen in the middle of May during chase season! Hopefully it heals very soon and the pain stops so I can get back in the tree stand doing some hunting. Looks like bow season will be a short one for me due to the injury.

Nothing to really report on the weather as of yet.....although it does look like the November 5-7Th time frame we could see some severe, that is if the models are to believed this far out. I am always very skeptical when using certain models this time of the year. Experience has taught me that some models do not do well during this time of year VS other models, especially with moisture return. So for now I will only mention the possibility of some weather during that time frame. Per the GFS 00z for oz Sunday (graphic below) it is painting a pretty decent area of low pressure and some decent moisture return through the central and southern plains. Not real sure I am good with this as I just do not think we will see those kind of dew point returns. But anything is likely and it is a 7 days out....something to keep an eye on for sure though.

With a broken leg I have not had a chance to really do anything except take some pics here and there....nothing real fancy or great but decent fall colors starting here in Oklahoma as can be seen below:

I plan on posting more pics as I get time and hopefully better pictures as well.

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