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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ECT, and meet the new assclown Scott Para

For those that are interested, I have been working on a couple new ideas for the tours and the website. I say I, and in all actuality it has been a team effort between everybody on the team including Mr. Shane Adams, Chad Berryhill, Bridget, Laura, Jim S. myself and JD. Some of the new concepts will be posted soon on the website or at the very least, when we really get into the dead season. Of course some of the new ideas have already been posted such as the "Remote Tours"

The "Remote Tours" is an idea I came up with out of nothing more than necessity. I basically had been turning potential customers away due to issues with their needs/wants of their possible tours. By happen stance, I had a dream one night and the idea of doing remote tours was born. I had been basically doing this for many years while guiding my own tours from home so while it is a fresh idea, it's not all that new. I say fresh idea as in regards to other chase tour companies, at this point no other tour company is or has tried to follow in my footsteps, and I am proud to say that I, Lanny Dean, brought "Remote Chase Tours" to the game. Hopefully it pans out like we want!?!?

On a different subject, I would like to give a big kuddo's to Shane Adams for his handling of the latest debacle with good ol' Uncle Chuck Doswell. For those that know Chuck, there really is no need to explain the situation but FWIW, and to those that don't here is the is normal with Chuck, he decided to extend his "highly educated" opinion on a public network site with regards to a post Shane made, labeling it spam. To me, it was nothing more that Chuck trying to throw his weight around as is usual about once every few months. Shane certainly handled the situation very well considering and to be honest handled it better than most would....certainly better than I would have. Kuddo's Mr. Adams. On that note, I would like to thank 2 guys over at Spotterchat for "tolerating" my latest shortcomings from last week. You know who you are so there is no need for names. I will define a true friend as someone who knows your shortcomings, accepts them and is still willing to help you/be there for you......still willing to give or offer that friendship in spite of the stupid shit you do. I can pretty much count on both hands the people I would call my true good friends not inlcuding my wife: Chad Berryhill, Jeff Smith, Shane Adams, The guru, Bridget, JD, Morrie, Steve Miller, Scott B. , Jay Prayter, Jake W. Kevin R.......hope I have not forgotten anyone.

Now on to the stupid shit......For the most part I voice my opinion on's my blog and I get to do that. Simply put, if you do not like what you are reading please feel free to make a trip over to Chucks Chatter and see if that does not suit you better, or feel free to look me up next time you see me out and about. Around here, I call stuff how I see it. I call stuff through my eyes. This could include everything from calling someone an ass clown (yes Dustin, I still think your an ass clown) to handing out kuddo's to those I respect (Mike Scantlin) And it just so happens that I feel the need to address an issue that took place last night on another "chat forum" Scott Para....I don't even know your name, nor do I want to after I heard what you did last night. While it is true that I think your an ass clown who has no shot at doing anything with the weather including real chasing, I also think that you have put a big black eye on the entire "chase community" with your antics and open remarks about your sexuality. To my knowledge, no one thought twice about your sexual preference. In our little world, its not about wood....its about the weather. Please allow me to make it very clear right now, sexual preference has no bearing with me. I either like you or I do not. I don't give a shit if you like midget porn and masturbate 3 times daily to it...makes no difference to me. But the one thing I will not tolerate is someone making sexual jokes about people that I know, respect, chased with, worked with or the like. I do not need or want to hear about how a named chaser gets you excited. It is not only wrong, it is degrading and even if no one else will stand up and say it.... I will.

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Shane Adams said...

Damn, what did I miss, and where is this mystery chatroom?