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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Extreme Chase Tours

For those that do not know already....I have finally got the 2010 stormchasing tour dates up and on the webpage. It took quite a bit of time but thanks to Chad Berryhill and Shane Admas it is finally done and I thank them for all the help!
We have set up more tours for 2010 than I have ever done before so it has been a bit crazy at times but I am very excited, and with the kind of help I have got for next year, it should be great!
We (Extreme Chase Tours) are also trying to roll out some new and fresh ideas to help people learn more about the weather. We will be slowly rolling those out early next year, so stay tuned!

Not much going on in the weather world right now...basic summer time set-up. Looks like late this week into early next week could have some potential and certainly has my attention right now....but so does fishing and the upcoming deer season (bow season anyways!)

For those that might be interested ina stormchasing tour, please feel free to check out the website at:

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