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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tornado Hunters in the UK, chase tours

For my friends across the pond FYI... Tornado Hunters has been airing on discovery UK since Monday and is set to air at various times through this week. Thanks to Mark for letting me know!
From what I understand Tru-tv has sold the production to Discovery and although I am pretty happy about it, you would think that Tru could have at least told us. After calling "The Outlaw"
to inform him, we both agreed that it might prove to get interesting!

It is official....the chase tours have started!! Our first tour of the season has just started and hopefully this week mother nature will show us a little something. I had my morning call with Eric and our tour guest's this morning and let them all know what my forecast area was(I have other obligations and will not be on the tour). At this point the target is Pampa/Dumas TX. Models are painting decent instability and shear and this should promote supercells in the above area. I do not like the tornado potential due to what has generally been our problem so far this year and that is the lack of true mositure. We will have to wait and see what happens but hopefully!!!

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