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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Very interesting model runs for late this week and weekend. After looking over the latest, it looks as though we should see our "first" real shot at a classic severe weather set up. By classic I mean a pattern that we all know and expect with full moisture return. This is what we have basically been lacking so far this year.
There obviously has been much talk about the lack of moisture to work with and quite a few people bitching about how this year is panning out compared to other years. I have never really been one to predict that a year is going to be a "non severe" weather year simply because we do not have good moisture return this early in the year.
2006 was a pretty dry year but severe weather still happened and we, like many others, were still able to get some pretty good stuff.

Been quite a bit of talk in the forums as well as web pages about the "new breed" of chasers.
I really do not have much to say about that either.....seems like every year it is the same stuff over and over.
While it is true that each year more and more chasers pop into the game, some with no real education or interest in gaining knowledge, it is also true that those of us who have been around a while still make it out doing the same old same old....personally, it makes no difference to me as long as the those people stay out of my way.
I have been lucky enough to run into and get to know some of those "new guys" and to be honest some of them are just as hungry as I was when I was new.
Here is a new about focusing on the weather and not so much on what the new guys are doing, who they are or how many tornadoes that have seen.
Might be a good idea to finally put old uncle Chucks ideas and thoughts out to rest once and for all?!?!?

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