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Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Old Beast" and Extreme Chase Tours

After many years of service and many tornadoes, "the old beast" as in my chase truck, has finally broken down.
It happened while I was coming back from Mission Of Compassion with Jeff Smith. I was just about back into OKC when I started smelling something "burning" well that burning smell just happened to be oil. After a close inspection, well it really was not close....I opened the hood and oil was everywhere! I decided to drive back closer to home and found a car wash in Bristow and after a good washing of the engine, I found that my lower front seal had blown on me.
After spending all day Sunday working on it, I finally got the nut off the crankshaft and plan on replacing it tonight.
Hopefully I get it all done before this weekend because it looks as though we may have a decent shot at some severe weather locally and it would be nice to have the "old beast" up and running again.
For those that keep up with my blog or website, just a quick note to let you know that I have finally got the video posted on the website like I want it. I have tried to use the WMV players and to me they just do not look as good as the YouTube players so I decided to keep they YouTube players and just change the layout a bit. I plan on just using those for promoting and selling my video. For those interested, the link is:

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