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Monday, January 12, 2009

!Chaser Get Together!

Everybody is welcome from chasers to spotters.
All chasers are invited! The meeting will be in the Catoosa Community Center. Catoosa is a suburb just northeast of Tulsa, along Highway 66. The address is 105 E Oak, Catoosa OK. Info on the Community Center can be found here. I have been asked to give a presentation called "Greensburg Tragedy, How do Chasers Prepare?" and will talk about the psychological aspects of being first on scene of a disaster, and also will speak about night chasing/spotting and the inherent dangers. Channel 2 Storm Chasers Jeff Smith will introduce Mission of Compassion, a ministry that goes into an affected area after a natural disaster and delivers relief supplies, water, food, and a little love. We will have a projector complete with a sound system, so please bring your chaser video to share! If anyone has a topic that they would like to talk about, please PM me. (I hear rumors of a chaser car show)...We will order pizza in the afternoon. Everyone will just pitch in on the pizza costs. I estimate no more than $10.00 per person should buy food. The cost of the Community Center has been provided graciously by the Catoosa Emergency Management.This meeting will be informative for all and also FUN!! We all need a little SDS relief about this time of year, so everyone c'mon out & have a little fun.

Would love to see everyone out there!!!!!!!!

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