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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Severe Weather and HDR?

As seen in the radar grab from my StormLab, the SPC/NWS has issued tornado watches for most of the state of Florida. Most of this convection looks elevated in nature but there could be a few tornadoes embedded with in the line. If you live in these area please pay attention to the weather today.

Also of real concern is the heavy snow and severe winter weather in the North today. Seen below is a radar grab from Grand Rapids MI which you can clearly see the snow starting.
This area is also an area to keep an eye on as they could see up to a feet of snow or even more in some places.

I have not really shot any pics as of late because I just have not had the time. I am going to try to get out this week and shoot some and may even try a little HDR stuff. I have been reading up on this "new" type of photography and I am really getting into it. I say "new" but HDR is really not new, I remember hearing of HDR a few years back but it seems that it is just now making it into the main stream photography world.....should be exciting to see what kind of images we can make. I will try to post a few links and maybe even a few pics with my next post regarding HDR photography....stay tuned.

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