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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It looks as though the snow has finally started falling (I guess I should say blowing!) over NW Kansas as temps have fallen to near freezing in most locations. The NWS in Goodland is predicting 5-10 inches and with precipatable water amounts so high, I would not be surprised if they get close to a foot. I was trying to find some data on the last time Kansas had such an early snow storm/blizzard, I mean its not even halloween yet, but no luck yet.
I am really hitting on Colby as far as snow totals......looks like they could be right in the middle of the swath of heavy snow/blowing snow. In a way I wish I were up there as it could be a chance to get some really good pics. It seems like just yesterday we were all up there chasing severe weather and now it is dumping one heck of a blizzard.....what a deal!

Major blizzard conditions are expected for parts of NW Kansas, SW NE with white out conditions expected later tonight through tomorrow. Shown above is a full radar grab from my StormLab out of the Goodland CWA. It does not look like it has started snowing yet as temps are still in the upper 30s and low 40s but it shouldn't be long as these temps are falling fast.

I am glad am I am no longer working in the media, no doubt I would have been sent out to cover this event had I still been working for KAKE and probably sent in somewhere near Colby to report. If I can find any pics after it really gets going I will try to post them.

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