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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greensburg Supercell May 26 2008

Eric and I looked at morning runs and targeted SW Kansas for the day. Informed the tour and took a chance and drove to Pratt. After spending several hours sitting and whatching "others" drive East, then West then back East and then West again( I hate stupid people) We drove west and intercepted the non severe storm just south of Greensburg. After much waiting on 54 it finally went severe and then finally tornado warned. We got a nice wall cloud and a few funnels but after the rain wrapped for the 3rd time we decided to go east and let it go. Heard reports of a few brief tornadoes on the ground and was not surprised but we did not see any of them.
All in all not a bad day...good forecast and great stucture for a few minutes. Thanks to Big Daddy for helping us get the tour out of the core.
Will post pics if I have time later. Congrats to many who had a good week...Shane Adams for one, who we saw many times but did not have time to stop and chat with. Dick M. who had a "close call" in Norther Kansas we drove right by a little further South....great catch!!!!!! By the way Jay C. I am sorry I could not talk longer down by Marshal....just to much going on.

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